I am happily married and have 2 beautiful kids. I’ve been married over 5 years. I work 30 + hours a week in a pharmacy compounding medications. I do LOTS of fitness modeling and personal training on the side, along with demos for companies that sponsor me.

I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years now; I got started by doing competitions. I compete in Men’s Physique Division. In the past this is what my competition history has been: Complete Nutrition Championships, Utah (4th) March 30th 2013, Salt Lake City Cup, Utah (1st) Overall Champion Mr. Utah August 17th 2013, >December 13th

I landed 12 Romance Novel Covers, LA Fitness Expo, CA (Natural Ironman) Placed (2nd) Overall January 25th 2014, Gladiator Classic, MD (5th) March 22nd 2014, May 24th 2014, Muscle Beach, CA (4th) May 26th 2014.

Idaho Cup, ID (2nd) November 8th. I took 2015 off for competing due to fitness modeling. I was too busy with bookings I couldn’t find a show that was able to fit in my schedule. I am a local judge for the (NPC) competitions here in Utah, and in the past few years I’ve judged 9 shows. I shot with Noel Daganta for some cover shots for Inside Fitness, Oxygen, Men’s Health, and Muscle & Fitness. Was published in Inside Fitness October edition 2017. I was just published in FLEX Magazine with a spread wearing my Versa Gripps, where I am the new face of their brand.

In January of 2018 I competed at the LA FITNESS EXPO. I took 3rd place in my HUGE CLASS.

I filmed a Bodybuilding.com> commercial January 15th, 2016. They told me it will be featured on ESPN/MTV/Spike/YouTube/some other networks as well. I was in TRAIN magazine in the February edition 2016. Last year I landed on 300+ romance novel covers.

My social media handles include the following:

  • FB (Fan Page) Steven Christensen
  • (Personal) StevenandKristie Christensen
  • IG: @Steven_Christensen
  • Twitter: @Stevochrissy
  • Snapchat: Stifflers_mom10


  • Fitness model/Owner of Helpfuloutcome
  • 5’11
  • 200lbs
  • 28 yrs old
  • Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Versa Gripps
  • Gaspari Nutrition
  • Promixx
  • 1% Fitness Meals
  • Muscle Egg

I got my start when my mentor, David Kimmerle, decided to take a chance on a young kid from Utah and taught me all of his secrets about having crazy abs, a lean muscular look all year long, with ZERO cardio. I use a training system based on my heart rate (which is why I recommend getting a heart rate monitor first thing to all my clients). My recommended supps and heart rate training gear recommendations are all below. Reach out and let’s get you ripped!